How to plan marketing strategies for a car rental business online and offline?

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As car rental businesses are booming, an entrepreneur would need new and thrifty ways to market his business. These are a couple of simple strategies on how to market your car rental business through online and offline activities.

Online marketing strategies for a car rental business may seem like an easier and lucrative option with the ability to target the right customer for low expenditure.

There are also offline marketing strategies for a car rental business which just require a little bit of creativity to influence and have a successful marketing campaign.

Online marketing strategies for a car rental business:

Blogs – An entrepreneur can utilize the free resources on the internet such as a WordPress / Tumblr blogs and write content which highlights the benefits of using their car rental service, regular feature updates, customer stories etc.

Make the content engaging and shareable.

These articles coupled with search engine optimization can give the company a prominent presence when searched online for their services. Content forms the basis of all the online marketing strategies for a car rental business.

Social media:– Social media has been a critical factor in the development of small and medium-sized organizations. An effective social media campaign includes a strong presence in the relevant social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. The entrepreneur can positively engage their audience and maintain the reputation of delivering quality service to the customers.

Sponsored Content:– You can give sponsorships to regional content creators in return for a positive advertisement for their car rental service. An entrepreneur can create brand awareness through this. The online content can create a positive review and business without any cash investments generally.

Targeted Advertisements:- You can invest in targeted business advertisements through Google AdWords and Facebook advertisements. This will create a heavy traction for the car rental service. Increased engagement signals that the people are interested and you can plan to incentivize accordingly.

Online contests: Organise contests through their social media accounts and online advertisements. This will create excitement towards the service and also create a positive buzz. The contests could be simple tasks for example: asking them to create a tagline for the company. The winner can earn a coupon to ride at a discounted prices for a certain amount of days.

Online discounts: Another way to create awareness for the brand is offering a discount to customers through coupons of slashing certain percentage off from the total fare. This online discounts could be used as an incentive to share to their friends and family and after referring a certain number of people they can “enjoy the coupon” at a discounted price and referred people can use it at another discount rate of first-time customers.

Offline marketing strategies for a car rental business:

Organising meetups: A car rental entrepreneur can organize a meetup on the subject of the benefits of car rental services and offering first-time users discounts for attending the meetup and joining in on the service. An Entrepreneur can also visit apartment complexes and corporate houses to give a presentation of their services and to attract potential customers.

Corporate incentives:– Many corporations tend to offer their employees a variety of incentives as their pay package. A car rental service entrepreneur can attractive package to the corporate houses on hiring the service for their staff as part of their employee retention incentives.

Flyers: Another cost-effective way to market a service is to use paper pamphlets and attract attention to the service. This is a low cost yet effective way of offline marketing activity. Flyers can be given also on a local newspaper, in busy urban areas where there could be a high demand for car rental service or hiring people to distribute in popular avenues in the city.

Newspaper Advertising:– Newspaper advertising is still a good way to create awareness and get attention from the potential customers. An Entrepreneur can use this medium to advertise his service in the local popular newspaper and reach out to potential new customer and sense of authenticity for the existing customers.

These are some of the ways a car rental service entrepreneur can use online and offline marketing activities to his advantage without investing much of the money required in running large-scale marketing campaigns by bigger competitions.

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